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Viking Cue Cases - Click Here

Viking Cue Cases - Click Here

  • Viking Soft Pool Cue Case

    Viking Soft Pool Cue Case

    Viking Soft Pool Cue Case - 1x1 Viking soft pool cues case holds 1 butt and 1 shaft. Case has accessory pouch and carrying handle.

    SKU: Viking-Soft-Pool-Cue-Case

  • Viking Pool Cue Case - Black or Brown

    Viking Pool Cue Case - Black or Brown

    Viking Pool Cue Cases - Black or Brown J oe Porper designs and produces the finest cue cases in the world today. His American-made cases use a foam-formed interior to protect cues by keeping them firmly in place. They hold up to a 31" butt or shaft. Roomy storage pouches on the outside carry accessories and sturdy handles and shoulder straps make them easy to carry. Cases are available in heavy-duty vinyl, 21-gauge cordura fabric or top-grade leather. Joe's cases are completely manufactured in his facility. That's the only way Joe can keep complete control over the quality of materials and workmanship.

    SKU: Viking_Pool_Cue_Case_Black

  • F-71


    VIKING F-71

    SKU: SKU17362

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I have purchased many cues from internet sites in the past, but with the service and attention I got from Shooters I'll never shop anywhere else.
Tim Ornsby

I started buying from Shooters over 10 years ago when I bought my table. I was new to the billiard world and spoke to Shooter on the phone for about an hour. We had the same views on alot of subjects other than billiards . I wanted a good cue for myself and did'nt have a clue where to start . Shooter took the time to advise me and lend his experience to me for purchasing a cue . The cue is now worth more than 3 times what he sold it to me for . We are over 3000 miles apart but I'll wait for anything I purchase . I made a move from the west coast to AZ and my table came with me. It needed to be recovered and I bought my cloth from Shooters, I needed to replace the balls and they are on their way. You can't find more reasonable prices anywhere on anything related to the game. I needed 8' cloth , the distributor only had 9' cloth , Shooters sold me the cloth for the 8' price rather than have me wait 2 weeks for the 8' cloth to come in.

I have not bought anything for about 8 years until now and I knew where I was going to purchase what I needed. I have been dealing with Kathy and she does what she has to do , to get the customers purchase to them. I have purchased tips, burnishers, tip tools, sanders, shaft accessories and a number of other things from Shooters for maintenance on the table and cues and have always been more than satisfied with the price and speed at which they ship the item.

Bill Alden
Bill Alden

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