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Practice Devices

Practice Devices

  • Buddy Hall Cue Guide

    Buddy Hall Cue Guide

    SKU: Buddy_Hall_Cue_Guide

  • Ghost Ball Trainer

    Ghost  Ball Trainer

    Place the Ghost-Ball Aimer's open hole over the object ball and turn the pointer toward the pocket. The Ghost cue ball with the black dot on its top now shows the proper aiming point from any cue ball position on the table. Just remove the Ghost-Ball Aimer and the mind's eye will remember the proper aiming point. One session with the Aimer will do more good than hours of guessing, trial and error.

    SKU: 7650
    $37.95 SAVE 49%

  • Ghost Ball Aim Trainer

    Ghost  Ball Aim Trainer

    The Ghostball Aim Trainer is simple to use and delivers powerful results! Through visual reinforcement, this hands-on product takes the confusion out of two of the most difficult aspects of the game: How & where to aim, and how to leave the cueball in position for your next shot. In easy to understand terms, you’ll learn the Ghostball method of aiming, a highly accurate technique used by pros and master instructors. You’ll see improvement immediately on cue shots, cueball control, position play and more. The visual nature of the Ghostball Aim Trainer trains your minds-eye to quickly see the aiming point, and to see where the cueball will go once it hits the object ball. This is called ‘position play’, and learning or mastering how to leave the cueball in position for your next shot can greatly enhance the fun you have playing pool. These and other topics are covered in a Lesson Booklet designed to guide you through basic to advanced level techniques at your own pace. Use the Ghostball Aim Trainer with Practice Balls and you’ll see all around improvement right away – GUARANTEED

    SKU: Ghost_Ball_Aim_Trainer

  • Scoring Beads

    Scoring Beads

    Wooden and Plastic Scoring Beads Get a set of your own set of scoring beads to make score keeping for any pool or billiards game neat and easy!! Hang either above your pool table or from the ceiling or wall. One player has the light scorers, the other player has black. The "tens" are noted with large markers, while the "fives" are noted with opposite-color beads. A single bead scores a single point. Use your pool cue to slide over the appropriate score. *Select choice of beads (wood or plastic)

    SKU: Counter_Beads

  • E-Z Practice Balls

    E-Z Practice Balls

    Elephant EZ Shot Cue Ballpad We`ve all heard the phrase "get back to the basics". This is true for all athletes regarless of the sport. Why? Because good fundamentals lead to consistent performance and rapid improvment. The E-Z Shot Cueball, designed for both beginners and experienced players, is the fastest, most effective way for beginners to learn and experienced players to sharpen their skills by getting back to the basics. BEGINNERS - The E-Z Shot Cueball is ideal. The simple-to-use lesson booklet walks you through key exercises designed to develop basic skills quickly. Unlike a plain white cueball, The E-Z Shot`s trademarked design provides vivid visual feedback on every shot so you can see what`s happening and make adjustments immediately. This allows you to learn faster and because you learn on every shot - you`ll never be bored! In no time, instead of watching, you`ll be playing and having fun! EXPERIENCED - You`ll appreciate the way the E-Z Shot helps you identify and correct problem areas in your game. Follow the exercises and increase your consistency. Make the E-Z Shot part of your warm-up before matches and see greater cueball control, stroke accuracy, and imroved position play. Wheter you`re a beginner or an experienced player looking to strengthen your game, the E-Z Shot Cueball gives you the edge to becoming the player you want to be. Advanced players use Elephant Practice Balls.


  • Pro Cup Ball - Measle Ball

    Pro Cup Ball - Measle Ball

    Hottest cue ball on the market. This new pool ball has six red dots that allow you to see the spin of the cue ball. The Pro Cup Cue Ball has been made popular on ESPN with many of the pro tournaments. The tolerance for weight and roundness is top in the industry.

    SKU: ProBall
    $39.95 SAVE 14%

  • Q-Tru Training Ball

    Q-Tru Training Ball

    The Fast Track to Cue Ball Control Helps you understand and anticipate the trajectory of the cue ball Learn how to control the cue ball and gain optimum position for the next shot Develops your skill of applying side or english to the cue ball With embedded pattern: Will never wear off! Made of fine phenolic resin for superior quality.


  • Rempe Training Ball

    Rempe Training Ball

    Jim Rempe Training Pool Ball Because only practice will make you better. The Rempe Training ball has two patterns one for beginners and the other for advanced players. The patterns help you see where to hit the cue ball for English. It will help you to develop a better stroke by teaching you a more accurate delivery of your cue stick to the cue ball and it will help you to optimize the rebound angle on ball and cushion for a better position on the next shot. Each Rempe ball kit includes a Belgian Aramith Cue ball with two patterns and a 56 page pocket size manual which will clearly show you how you can use the training ball to fully control a cue ball.

    SKU: RempeBall

  • Massey Training Balls

    Massey Training Balls

    Aiming by numbers Endorsed by world champion Mike Massey Developed by world class pool player & instructor Joe Tucker A unique and incredibly efficient method for learning how to pocket the balls Includes: 2 aramith 2"1/4 training balls with unique embedded patterns 1 detailed manual that includes 64 pages of instructions, 25 detailed drawings and a glossary 2 flat aiming discs that will allow you to practice without a pool table anywhere at anytime 2 pocket cheat sheets that will help you to take in the method

    SKU: MTB
    $65.54 SAVE 4%

  • Elephant Practice Balls

    Elephant Practice Balls

    Unlike a standard cue ball and object ball, Practice Balls give you immediate visual feedback on every shot. You won`t have to spend hours trying to get a 'feel' for how the balls are rolling, sliding or spinning. With Practice Balls you`ll see it immediately, which means you`ll learn faster and easier. Or most popular practice aid!

    SKU: EPB

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I have purchased many cues from internet sites in the past, but with the service and attention I got from Shooters I'll never shop anywhere else.
Tim Ornsby

I started buying from Shooters over 10 years ago when I bought my table. I was new to the billiard world and spoke to Shooter on the phone for about an hour. We had the same views on alot of subjects other than billiards . I wanted a good cue for myself and did'nt have a clue where to start . Shooter took the time to advise me and lend his experience to me for purchasing a cue . The cue is now worth more than 3 times what he sold it to me for . We are over 3000 miles apart but I'll wait for anything I purchase . I made a move from the west coast to AZ and my table came with me. It needed to be recovered and I bought my cloth from Shooters, I needed to replace the balls and they are on their way. You can't find more reasonable prices anywhere on anything related to the game. I needed 8' cloth , the distributor only had 9' cloth , Shooters sold me the cloth for the 8' price rather than have me wait 2 weeks for the 8' cloth to come in.

I have not bought anything for about 8 years until now and I knew where I was going to purchase what I needed. I have been dealing with Kathy and she does what she has to do , to get the customers purchase to them. I have purchased tips, burnishers, tip tools, sanders, shaft accessories and a number of other things from Shooters for maintenance on the table and cues and have always been more than satisfied with the price and speed at which they ship the item.

Bill Alden
Bill Alden

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