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  • Cue Tip Shaper

    Cue Tip Shaper

    Cue tip shaper with refills

    SKU: 7536
    $4.50 SAVE 22%

  • Elkmaster Tip

    Elkmaster Tip

    Elk Master tips are crafted from prime mineral tanned leather, creating a tip that will wear well and hold its shape under the roughest use.

    SKU: ElkMaster

  • Tip Burnisher

    Tip Burnisher

    Slide over tip and turn back and forth to burnish tip. Fits all size tips up to 14 mm   Stop your tip from mushrooming and causing miscues!

    SKU: 7050

  • Shaper/Tacker


    Tip shaper and tacker ends are permently sharpened for a lifetime of performance.

    SKU: 7675
    $9.00 SAVE 6%

  • Chalk on a Stick

    Chalk on a Stick

    Keep your chalk handy. Leather holder holds chalk and aluminum stick fits in pocket.

    SKU: 7700

  • Hex Tip Shaper/Tacker

    Hex Tip Shaper/Tacker

    Two tools in one handy key chain. Eliminate out of shape tips that don't hold chalk!   Solid aluminum with lifetime carbide shaping surface.

    SKU: 7015
    $12.00 SAVE 10%

  • Prik Stick

    Prik Stick

    Twist to expose the tool head of this lightweight, hand-tooled aluminum too. Never miscue again... leaves tip ready to apply chalk that will hold!

    SKU: 7150
    $16.00 SAVE 20%

  • Tip Clamp

    Tip Clamp

    Insert tip in tip clamp and place glue on ferrule. Pull up to hold tip in place while glue dries and push down to remove shaft.

    SKU: 7325
    $16.00 SAVE 6%

  • Tip Shaper and Cutter

    Tip Shaper and Cutter

    Self-centering barrel for shaper and cutter. Insert shaft and twist to shape or cut away mushroomed tips easily and accurately!

    SKU: 7000
    $20.00 SAVE 25%

  • Quickdraw Chalk Holder

    Quickdraw Chalk Holder

    Hold chalk securely in this non-magnetic caddy. Push button to release chalk from handy clip.

    SKU: 7375

  • Shaft Slicker and Tip Scuffer

    Shaft Slicker and Tip Scuffer

    Cue Cube Combo Set - Shaft Slicker and Tip Shaper/Scuffer

    SKU: CubeCombo

  • Mushroom Grazer

    Mushroom Grazer

    Turn the adjustment dial to trim any thickness tip. Accommodates up to 14 mm

    SKU: 7100
    $20.00 SAVE 16%

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I purchased a beer tube and was hesitant to purchase more until I could test it, and also see if my drinks would stay cool. I was surprised that the temperature of the beverages I added dropped less than 2 degrees in an hour. I will be purchasing 2 more now as gifts. Thank you Kathy for all your help in making my purchase enjoyable and informed.
Frank Ebby

Sent my friends email using the referral program. They earned money to use toward a purchase and I earned $20. Free green is always welcome. Customer referrals are unique and a pretty cool program. I joined facebook also and would like to see more images of your pool hall if you have any.
Mike McNamara

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