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FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $50.00 to all 48 contiguous states. International and USA Territories/Non-Contiguous States are charged a flat rate fee of $30.00 (10 pound maximum before fees increase). APO/FPO address are charged a $5.00 fee.
Shipping includes insurance and adult signature fees.
The below is an 'approximate' ship time from our business
When your package arrives, please be sure to inspect it for any damage that may be visible. If you suspect damage ask the delivery person if you can inspect before signing for delivery. If they will not allow and you suspect there is damage, please REFUSE SHIPMENT. It is far more expedient for us to replace your order than to file weeks of paperwork with the shipping companies.
We do not charge your payment choice until you order has 'shipped'.
We do charge your payment choice if the order you placed is a 'custom order'. This includes re-sizing pool cue shafts, engraving, wrap or joint changes etc. It it not a custom order for weight changes.
We want you to be happy with your purchase and our customer service. Therefore, we wish to notify you that we do run out of stock from time to time on products. This is mostly due to manufacturer shortages. We will always let you know and not leave you wondering what stage your order processing is in. You may also check your ORDER HISTORY, as all updates will be posted there to keep you informed.
If you have placed a 'custom order', please understand we cannot give any approximate date until we contact the manufacturer. Custom orders put both you and our company at the mercy of the manufacturer. Wait time for custom orders with such manufacturers as McDermott, Viking, Lucasi, Schon, Joss and a few others are only a matter of days.
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I got my case free with my cash back rewards. It don't get any better than that!
Roger Walters

I started buying from Shooters over 10 years ago when I bought my table. I was new to the billiard world and spoke to Shooter on the phone for about an hour. We had the same views on alot of subjects other than billiards . I wanted a good cue for myself and did'nt have a clue where to start . Shooter took the time to advise me and lend his experience to me for purchasing a cue . The cue is now worth more than 3 times what he sold it to me for . We are over 3000 miles apart but I'll wait for anything I purchase . I made a move from the west coast to AZ and my table came with me. It needed to be recovered and I bought my cloth from Shooters, I needed to replace the balls and they are on their way. You can't find more reasonable prices anywhere on anything related to the game. I needed 8' cloth , the distributor only had 9' cloth , Shooters sold me the cloth for the 8' price rather than have me wait 2 weeks for the 8' cloth to come in.

I have not bought anything for about 8 years until now and I knew where I was going to purchase what I needed. I have been dealing with Kathy and she does what she has to do , to get the customers purchase to them. I have purchased tips, burnishers, tip tools, sanders, shaft accessories and a number of other things from Shooters for maintenance on the table and cues and have always been more than satisfied with the price and speed at which they ship the item.

Bill Alden
Bill Alden

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