Cuetec Shafts

Cuetec Shafts

  • Cuetec Hi-Tech Shaft Conditioner

    Cuetec Hi-Tech Shaft Conditioner

    Cuetec Hi-Tech Shaft Cleaner is highly recomended for use with all clad Cuetec shafts. This Hi-Tech formula removes grease, grim, dirt and any other soil with one wipe!

    SKU: 7301

  • Cuetec Pool Cue R360 Shaft

    Cuetec Pool Cue R360 Shaft

    The Cuetec R360 Shaft is setting the new standard for shaft making technology.   It is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cuts of "A Plus" grade Canadian maple sections which insures maximum radial consistency for accurate cue ball response and control.   The composite core inside the shaft helps control deflection, squirt, distortion and prevents warpage.  Cuetec R360 shafts use the latest technology in ferrule construction, Air Cushion Ferrule (patent pending).  The ACF ferrule is made of ABS material and is designed to provide a cushioning effect.  This results in optimum cue ball/cue tip contact time resulting in less vibration and deflection while maximizing cue ball control and accuracy.  The final exciting feature in the Cuetec R360 shaft is the TigerEverest tip. This tip consist of Ten layers of brown pig skin that had been developed to hold more chalk to provide even more cue ball control and consistency. **PLEASE NOTE: The R360 Shaft only fits the standard Cuetec Joint not the quick release joint. The ferrules on the R360 series cues are made of the highest quality ABS material for the ultimate transfer of energy from tip down the length of the shaft. The tip, ferrule, and shaft combine to virtually eliminate deflection and provide complete 360 degree radial consistency making R360 the most naturally accurate cue made today costing hundreds less than cues in its category. The Tiger Everest Laminated Cue Tips used on the Cuetec R360 and Professional S.S.T. fiberglass two piece cues is the most sophisticated, durable and advanced cue tip created. Selected from the finest quality pig skins in the world

    SKU: Cuetec Pool Cue R360 Shaft
    $170.00 SAVE 15%

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I have purchased many cues from internet sites in the past, but with the service and attention I got from Shooters I'll never shop anywhere else.
Tim Ornsby

I purchased a beer tube and was hesitant to purchase more until I could test it, and also see if my drinks would stay cool. I was surprised that the temperature of the beverages I added dropped less than 2 degrees in an hour. I will be purchasing 2 more now as gifts. Thank you Kathy for all your help in making my purchase enjoyable and informed.
Frank Ebby

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