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Combo Series

Combo Series oval cue cases are available in four sizes and ten color combinations. The sizes are 1 butt/1 shaft, 1 butt/2 shaft, 2 butt/2 shaft and 2 butt/4 shaft. Colors combinations include Black/Brown, Black/Burgundy, Black/Dark Blue, Black/Dark Grey, Black/Green, Black/Light Grey, Black/Python, Black/Red, Black/Russet and Black/Tan.
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Sent my friends email using the referral program. They earned money to use toward a purchase and I earned $20. Free green is always welcome. Customer referrals are unique and a pretty cool program. I joined facebook also and would like to see more images of your pool hall if you have any.
Mike McNamara

I purchased a Lucasi Hybrid shaft a few weeks ago from you and after I used it I sold my 'other' segmented shaft. I couldn't be happier with the hit now.

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