Our version of Customer Loyalty Program, Rebate Program, and Price Reduction Program all rolled into one. When you purchase an item(s) from certain major manufacturers, you will receive CASH BACK to be used on your purchase. The amount of CASH BACK that you receive can vary depending on the item(s) purchased from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Once you have acquired CASH BACK, you can save on purchases of items from our site. The CASH BACK available will reduce the price of additional items you purchase or, possibly, if you have enough CASH BACK, get them for free.

When you have acquired CASH BACK you will save on items you want. CASH BACK REWARDS are shown on pool cues that are part of the program.  Now you will not have to get an item that you already have or dont really need for *free* as part of  a marketing tool. Your CASH BACK REWARDS will be credited to your account when your purchase for the product(s) that provided the CASH BACK has been completed.

How it works:
All items that provide you CASH BACK will have a CASH BACK icon above the product on its product page. This icon       signifies that you will receive the listed amount of CASH BACK with that particular items purchase.

CASH BACK will be creditied to your account for any future purchases you make. As an example, on your return visit you have earned 25 CASH BACK CREDITS, you will receive a $25.00 discount on ANY STORE ITEM (*other than the listed below).  


If the item that provided the CASH BACK credits is returned for a refund the CASH BACK CREDITS if used will be deducted from the refund.

Cues that cannot be awarded CASH BACK due to manufacturer policies: *Predator Cues, Predator Shafts, Poison Brand Products and McDermott Products.

Shooters Billiards offers this program as a way to show our apreciation for customer loyalty!

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and visit us often for all of your pool and billiards accessories.

Thank you!


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I purchased a beer tube and was hesitant to purchase more until I could test it, and also see if my drinks would stay cool. I was surprised that the temperature of the beverages I added dropped less than 2 degrees in an hour. I will be purchasing 2 more now as gifts. Thank you Kathy for all your help in making my purchase enjoyable and informed.
Frank Ebby

I started buying from Shooters over 10 years ago when I bought my table. I was new to the billiard world and spoke to Shooter on the phone for about an hour. We had the same views on alot of subjects other than billiards . I wanted a good cue for myself and did'nt have a clue where to start . Shooter took the time to advise me and lend his experience to me for purchasing a cue . The cue is now worth more than 3 times what he sold it to me for . We are over 3000 miles apart but I'll wait for anything I purchase . I made a move from the west coast to AZ and my table came with me. It needed to be recovered and I bought my cloth from Shooters, I needed to replace the balls and they are on their way. You can't find more reasonable prices anywhere on anything related to the game. I needed 8' cloth , the distributor only had 9' cloth , Shooters sold me the cloth for the 8' price rather than have me wait 2 weeks for the 8' cloth to come in.

I have not bought anything for about 8 years until now and I knew where I was going to purchase what I needed. I have been dealing with Kathy and she does what she has to do , to get the customers purchase to them. I have purchased tips, burnishers, tip tools, sanders, shaft accessories and a number of other things from Shooters for maintenance on the table and cues and have always been more than satisfied with the price and speed at which they ship the item.

Bill Alden
Bill Alden

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