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Shooters Billiards continues to offer community support and prides itself on 'family' oriented business values. We don't just own an 'online' store, we know the game.. play the game... and support the game at a brick and mortar pool room, diner, store. We were also one of the first in the world to have an internet site verified by inserting Shootersbilliards.com here:


>>>>> Creation Date: 30-sep-1996 (Date we opened our site on the internet)<<<<<

Since 1996 we have serviced and supported thousands of customers. You're not around for 15 years on the internet unless your doing it right.

What sets us apart from many others:

  • We support the game
  • We stock what we sell
  • We back our sales 100%
  • We offer cue repair and maintenance at our business
  • We are an authorized dealer for every item we sell
  • We sponsor the APA League and teams that play at our business
  • We hold weekly tournaments and in-house leagues at our business
  • We sponsor a free Sunday youth league at our business
  • We have an unbeatable return policy
  • We offer more incentive programs and support areas than any other site
  • Your $25 order is treated the same as a $2500.00 order
  • We give back to the community by offering a place for pool players to actually use the products they purchase
  • Our staff 'knows' the billiards business and can give expert advice if requested
  • We actually use and test all of the products we sell
  • We don't offer everything that is available... ONLY quality and proven products. Putting products online for the sake of playing the numbers game we refuse to do. We could very well offer anything in the world of pool and billiards.. this would not be in our customers best interest.

We offer this only hoping that most would choose to support a business that promotes the sport and not use it as a side income.  Just out of curiousity, ask the site you make your next billiards product purchase from if they operate a brick and mortar *pool room*.. of if they even play pool.

With the price restraints placed on our industry by most manufactures now, ask yourself when looking at that cue with the exact same price.. What separates this site from the others.. and make your choice based on what we have to offer in comparison. We sell our products to support the sport and in turn keep us open and able to offer a place to use your products!

So, the next time you make a purchase.. we hope that the place you make it keeps a pool room or store open.. and not just provide 'extra income' for a trunk dealer or internet only business.

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I have purchased many cues from internet sites in the past, but with the service and attention I got from Shooters I'll never shop anywhere else.
Tim Ornsby

I got my case free with my cash back rewards. It don't get any better than that!
Roger Walters

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