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1 Piece House Pool Cues

1 Piece Pool Cues

1 Piece House Pool Cues

  • Tite Shot Cues

    Tite Shot Cues

    Not enough room for a full size cue? Want your kids to start with the right size cue? Have obstacles in your way? If you can answer yes to these questions, and were searching for an answer.. these cues are what you have been looking for. McDermott cues are higher quality, better built, better wood than similiar products. Shooters use these cues at home and the pool hall. Why? Because our customers and we demand the best.

    SKU: Tite_Shots

  • Trouble Shooter Pool Cues

    Trouble Shooter Pool Cues

    If you can answer yes to ANY of these... it's time for a Trouble Shooter Pool Cue! Squeezed for more space in your game room? Patching holes in the walls of your game room? Missing shots when there isn't room for a good stroke? Want to give your kids a cue that is built and balanced for them? Tired of trying to hug that pole or support in the way? Frustrated watching your kids trying to balance a 52" cue and losing? The list is endless.. and the answer is here! Order your Trouble Shooter Pool Cues today! We also sell these style pool cues from McDermott. Compare the difference... HERE  

    SKU: Trouble_Shooter_Pool_Cues

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I purchased a beer tube and was hesitant to purchase more until I could test it, and also see if my drinks would stay cool. I was surprised that the temperature of the beverages I added dropped less than 2 degrees in an hour. I will be purchasing 2 more now as gifts. Thank you Kathy for all your help in making my purchase enjoyable and informed.
Frank Ebby

I purchased a Lucasi Hybrid shaft a few weeks ago from you and after I used it I sold my 'other' segmented shaft. I couldn't be happier with the hit now.

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